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 ¡ô DTWZ-D series low-temperature effective extractor ¡ô

Product Name:DTWZ-D series low-temperature effective extractor

Purpose:It is used for extracting and concentrating under usual temperature or extracting under usual temperature,and comcentrating under cow-temperature

   Combining extraction, vacuum concentration and solvent recovery together it is convenient to operate, it save solvent and enhance efficiency. The solvent and raw materials being added to extractor, the extract liquid flows from extractor to evaporator for concentration when extractor begins working. The solvent steam in the evaporator is condensed and become fresh solvent. The fresh solvent flows back to the extractor. And the effective ingredients extracted from raw materials by fresh solvent are brought to the evaporator continuously . When the ingredients of raw materials have been extracted completely, the process of extraction will be finished.It is specially suitable for sensitive material that can be extracted by high temperature. The temperature can be setted by your choice.  It can be extracted by water or alcohol. It can be extracted by circulation or low temperature. it can be controlled by micro-computer. Four different temperature are showed on PLC so it is convenient to operate. The machine is equipped by special oil-water separator, the light oil and heavy oil can be separated. Furthermore it can recycle alcohol and solvent.

Main Technique Parameter£¦#65306;

Model Items DTWZ-D-6 DTWZ-D-3 DTWZ-D-2 DTWZ-D-1
Pressure in interlayer£¦#65288;Mpa£¦#65289; £¦#65308;0£¦#65294;1
Pressure in jacket£¦#65288;Mpa£¦#65289; £¦#65308;0£¦#65294;25
Pressure in cylinder£¦#65288;Mpa£¦#65289; 0.6-0.7
Diameter of manhole(mm) 450 400 400 400
Heat area (m2) 30 12 10 6
Condenser area (m2) 60 30 20 10
Condenser area (m2) 1.5 1 1 0.5
Volume (m3) 6 3 2 0.5
Evaporation capacity (Kg/h) 2000 1000 700 300

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