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  Double & Triple effect Concentration and Poultice Making Tank

Product Name: Double & Triple effect Concentration and Poultice Making Tank
Purpose: The unit is widely used for liquid material evaporating concentration and poultice making process in Chinese & Western Pharmacy, light chemical and food industry, especially applied to low temperature vacuum depressurizing concentration of  heat sensitive material, and extracturm of 1.4 specific gravity could be made according to this.
This equipment is a new product features in high efficiency, energy economizing, low consumption which is developed according to technical innovation and has been awarded national patent, patent No. 92218691.X.

Features: Different as double effect and triple effect evaporating concentration for poultice making.
For normal double effect and triple effect evaporating concentrator, the final poultice is processing in bundle pipe heater. Due to high density and poor fluidity of material, furring is easily formed on pipe walls which is hard to clean and cause extracturm loss.

The preliminary stage of this equipment adopts high evaporating velocity and good despumation external cycling heating and positive pressure evaporating method. In bundle pipe heater, liquid material displayed as film rotation in evaporator. Water content is rapidly evaporated under the vacuum effect and foam is swept along the pipe walls to prevent material loss. Liquid material cycle naturally under expansion kinetic energy and gravity difference. When specific gravity approach 1.2, liquid material is totally sucked into final evaporator. Poultice making with lower jacket heating and agitating with wall scraper could effectively prevent dense extracturm coking at internal pipe walls.

There is A type and B type for this equipment. A type each effect evaporator are vertical barrel, agitating are classified as upper and lower type among which upper type final effect is small length to diameter ratio construction. B type final effect evaporator adopts ball shape upper agitator, lower heating jacket is installed at the bottom of all final effect. There are many advantages for this construction: shallow pot and large diameter enlarge the heating surface and liquid exposing surface to facilitate evaporation. Wall scraper agitating force liquid material to cycle and improve the heat conducting performance, prevent level surface from filming due to increasing viscosity, and thus reduce temperature difference loss, speed up secondary steam exhalation. So it enjoys more superiority in high concentration (specific gravity 1.4) poultice making and also favorable for relatively low concentration evaporating concentration.

The whole process of evaporating concentration poultice making is conducted under enclosed condition and no need for open pot to make poultice in an exposed way. Parts in contact with liquid material are made of high quality stainless steel, agitating seal shaft is mechanically sealed of our company production, which effectively prevent leakage and pollution. This seal complies with medicine and food hygiene requirements and GMP standard. Wear parts could be replaced and repaired according to customers demand in long-term at any time. 

Quick opening cover is located on the top of heater and manhole to clean. On the upper part of evaporator there is an inlet cleaning ball.

Equipment enclosure is insulated with high smoothness stainless steel to reduce heat loss and save more energy. And also in favor of production safety and sanitation, and embody modernization of shop arrangement.

Main Technique Parameter

Double effect technical parameter

  ENS-400 ENS-500 ENS-700 ENS-1000 ENS-1500
Total Volume(m3) 1.98 2.5 3.15 4 7
Total Heating
9.87 14 18 24 39.6
Evaporate Quantity(Kg) 400 500 700 1000 1500
Steam Pressure(MPa) 0.050.09
One Effect 80
Double Effect 50
Vacuum Degree(Mpa) One Effect 0.055
Double Effect 0.085
Steam consumption(Kg/h) 230 280 380 530 800
Water Consumption Cycle (T/h) 6 8 6 6 6
Outline Dimension(m)
3.81.33 4.31.43 5.61.54

Triple effect Technical Parameter


  SNS-500 SNS-1000 SNS-1500 SNS-2000
Evaporate Quantity(Kg) 500 1000 1500 2000
Steam Pressure(MPa) 0.050.09
Evaporate Temperature() One effect 90
Double Effect 75
Triple effect 60
Vacuum Degree(Mpa) One Effect 0.04
Double Effect 0.062
Triple effect 0.085
Steam Consumption(Kg/h) 200 400 600 800
Water Consumption Cycle(T/h) 6 12.2 17 22
Outline Dimension(m) (LWh) 81.54 91.74.1

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